9Days Diary in Nagoya - My First Time for Presenting Research Finding


Yesterday night...
When I finished take a bath and back to room. Nanda, Anin, Owena said to me that they choose me to present our research finding. What the...? 
Hmmm, I think I haven't experience before to present something in interational event. Hmmm, I'm haven't self confidence.
But, they supported me, help me to try and try till I was sure, I'm ready for it.


Until the last moment, we are still working to spruce our presentation. I missed the joint Matsumoto session, for the sake of training in presentation :") Haaaaaah, but it feels very relieved after presenting. There is still something less? Yes, of course, but this experience so firsts thrilling.

There was one volunteer who helps us locate the rooms, ranging from a prayer to a quiet place to finish our presentation, his name Kazane, S2 Psychology student at Nagoya University. After the presentation, we also met with Ika. She greeted me and Anin when going to the toilet. "Assalammualaikum," she tells us. She veiled like Anin and Nanda. Haaah, happy to see her. She turned out to be a student at AICHI University and has been a few years living in Nagoya with her family (her father is Japanese, hehe). We also make an appointment for a meal together at the last day of conference.

Yep, liability presentation was over. We plan to celebrate with dinner. We read in one of the leaflets on recommendations of places to eat, it said, in the area of ​​Sakae, Lachic. We also get there using the subway.

Yep, really tasty and the place is so cozy. Service is also good. I think, the Japanese are honesty which is tasty and which are bad, wkwkwk not choose expensive when we asked which one is good.

The evening closed with "Oishi" wkwkwk

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