9Days Diary in Nagoya - Let's Go to The Castle


Ohayogosaimasu: D

We woke up at 9 am. Haaaah, maybe we were too tired last night. Still feels like a dream to wake up and start the day in Japan. 

This morning, we also met with Sumiyo (original, no longer via couchsurfing). Sumiyo was a midwife and have a daycare next to her home. She is a beautiful woman. Sumiyo say that tonight there will be a drink together for talking, a greeting to the couchsurfer who staying at her house. She said, there will be two other couchsurfer to come later.

Yep, we said yes to Sumiyo. We will join.


We went back to the Kamiyashiro station that morning. Our goal at that time was Nagoya Castle. We decided to buy a one day pass for the subway, it costs 740 yen. So, we can go anywhere with the subway without buy more tickets at each station. 

Anyway, before go to station, we also popped into the shop to buy a bento periphery, it costs 400 yen. It still needs to exercise the tongue to enjoy it, hehehe

Well, in order to achieve the Nagoya Castle, we took ...

Kamiyashiro station -> Sakae Station (transit, and change the direction Shiyakusho train station) - and arrived at Nagoya Castle (can be reached by foot from Shiyakusho Station. Although Summer, the trip was not too hot anyway because in the course Nearby there are lots of trees.

From Sumiyo home to Nagoya Castle, we were impressed with the cleanliness and neatness of the city. Gosh, traffic was very orderly. Garbage is collected by type in plastic which has the same picture across the house (what the government distribute it?). The distance between cars when stop in traffic light too wide, it may still fit one car. Awesome :D


Nagoya Castle

Entrance to the castle is the price of 500 yen. When We arrived, there was a large gate that leads us. One of our happiness is "finally see the dustbin", hahaha. We bring the garbage-out lunch from Kamiyashiro Station to sign the Nagoya Castle and along the way, we do not see trash cans, other beverage bottles. This is how they are to maintain cleanliness. Yaa first,save your trash.

In Nagoya Castle, we are  assisted by a grandmother who work for taking drinking water from the tap. Sigh, we began to concoct if the Japanese were to help you, it will help to make sure you really helped. For example, ask for directions, and they will deliver you up completely in place, or a little more closer to his place. Waaaahh ....

Yep, this is our happiness in Nagoya castle



After the Nagoya Castle (to be closed, and we were the last out of the gate, haha), we proceeded to Oshu ( shopping place). The trip by subway to Oshu ...

Nagoya Castle -> Shiyakusho station -> Sakae Station (transit, take the train towards Kamimaezu Station) -> Oshu

Yooo, here as market Nagoya. There are many sellers from food to clothing. Haha, when we in second day, but bought for "souvenirs", hahaha . One interesting thing of Oshu and Nagoya in 24 hours are still many people  use bicycles, even given the additional parts to be used as a basket for seating the children or point of purchase. It's become an art in itself for me. Haaah, glad to see it.

Following from Oshu, we must return to Kamiyashiro, there are two agendas:dinner in Okinawa Restaurant (we were still amazed) and chatting with couchsurfer and Sumiyo.

Okinawa Restaurant

We were greeted very cheerful when reentry to Okinawa Restaurant, now tired face were gone. There is  Ayako-san and Emi-San are welcome. Then, we were introduced to one another lady, named Kanako-San. It was she became a translator from Okinawa Restaurant menus for us. Kanako told us to wait Tomoji-San, as he would come to cook for us and chat. WAAAAAAH, we almost melted. These people are very nice and made us feel special.

"Hold or Cool towel?"
We are still confused at first by the question. Apparently, before eating, we must wipe damp hands with a small towel. There is a selection of warm or cold towels. Wkwkwkw

black T-Shirt --> Kanako, then Red T-Shirt ---> Ayako

This is our happiness during a meal in Okinawa Restaurant. Hah, and in fact we were given by the foods of Okinawa, a coastal area in Japan. We also learned a few words in Japanese like Cotomate (wait a minute), (Matane: see you), and Kampai (Cheers)

Nanda said, it is a greeting which means "I'm home". As said Nobita every got home.
It turns out when we got home, in the living room near the kitchen is already crowded, there Sumiyo, Yuka, Nato, Loora, Manu and Litua (two couchsurfer of Spain). We add to the crowd by making Indomie "goreng and kuah" hahaha. They like to eat Indomie. Yuhuuu

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