9Days Diary in Nagoya - Last Day Conference


This is last day of IACCP Congress.
Last lecture is Lawrence. He tell us about brain and culture. So interested :D

I joined the closing ceremony to give support to Ika. Haaah, she always cheerful, good in Indonesian, English, and Japanese. Woowww.

We and Ika make a plan to enjoy dinner tonight. I'm so glad when Yutaka and Ika's friend, named Azusa also join us.

from left --> Azusa, me, Nanda, Yutaka, Ika, Owena, Anin

We choose Okonomiyaki in Nagoya Station to complete our dinner. Yuhuuu, OISHI. 
Matane, Yutaka, Ika, and Azusa.

Ika gave as ogura toast, waaa so delicious, nyum :9

Nice to meet you.  Let's come to Indonesia yaaa :D

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