9Days Diary in Nagoya - Kyoto, Hohoho


Anin, Owena, and Nanda gave me a present because of me present the research in conference, ahahahhhaha---> Shinkansen Ticket to Kyoto. Wooow

We got up early, at 4 a.m. We prepared many things to go to Kyoto. Haaah, We was excited.

This is our first time to go by Shinkansent (the fastest train in the world). We ask many people because We still confuse, where we must to go or where we must to sit, wkwkkw

Thank you everyone.

Anyway Nagoya-Kyoto seems like Jakarta-Bandung, but just need 30 minutes by this train.

What was we did in Shinkansen? 
- Yep, continue to sleep, wkwkwkw Zzz....

Finally. we arrive in Kyoto, hohoho

We choose Fushimi Inari, most favorite destination from Trip Advisor. Free entry and so beauty.

Fox is one of unique things here, hehehe

After enjoy Fushimi Inari, we felt hungry and find a luch in small market near that place. We also buy many food to bring to Indonesia, hehehe

Finally, We come to matcha shop. The man inside is so friendly, He tell us about ceremony and interesting place in Kyoto, He also gave us many taste of tea. Huummm, Nyummy :))

In the evening we move to other place to rent Kimono for Owena and find Taiyaki for Owena too. She is craving for both. 


Time to back to Kamiyashiro

We choose bus to back to Kyoto Station first, and take a local train to Nagoya Station and continue our trip to back home, Kamiyashiro. 

We arrived in Kyoto Station at 8 p.m. We was confuse, how we must to go to get right local train to Nagoya. We ask to police, and continue our step. Kyoto station is so big I think. 

We waiting in the line (Second Gate) and then We ask again to a woman in front of me. She said, she don't know how to reach Nagoya from Kyoto. Then, a grandpa beside her ask to us "Nagoya? You wanna go to Nagoya". Haah, we felt so happy "Haik, yes, yes". 
"Hoo, let's follow me". The train where we are waiting is coming, but the grandpa, still continue to help us. "Hoo, I don't have any bussiness, I will help you," he said. 

He walk so fast to Information Centre. He ask with Japanese how to reach Nagoya from here. He draw a step by step for us, completed with the transit station and the time. Haaah, he is like an angel. He also buy  4 bottles of Japanese drink for us and go away after we have took a picture. His name is Hagiwara-San. An angel in Kyoto for us.

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