9Days Diary in Nagoya - Atsuta Temple


We're come back to WINC AICHI again, yuhuuuu

and our destination other than that is Atsuta Temple. 

Nah, after enjoying our lunch, we went to Atsuta Temple. Waaaaaa, this is big temple. The are kind police who help us to know how to enter this temple, and he also help us to take our picture. 

Haaah, I felt so calm when I'm enjoying time in temple. I like it.

We also enjoy the Soba (many people said, Soba in Atsuta Temple is so OISHI). And we was prove it, haaaah OISHI :D

We was back to WINC AICHI again to join Conference Dinner. Woooo, apparently, when the summer can also be a rainstorm. But, the dinner is so delicious, wkwkw

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