9Days Diary in Nagoya - Japan in the First Sight


At nine o'clock at night, I and my friends (Ananda, Anin, and Owena) officially up in central Japan, Nagoya. Haaaaah, there is joy, there is also a sense of excited.  This country is just me know when inhaling air.

Night forced us to move more quickly in order to arrive at the inn was too late. According to the results of surfing in cyberspace, we can go to the address that by train. Our luggage quite heavy, but we still vigorously. Before entering the train, we ask  first to a woman who is in it to ensure that the train is right. Pi

I threw my gaze to the entire contents of the train. Similar to the commuter line "jabodetabek", even practically the same. We listen to  station guide for the sake of the station so it stops. The concentration was broken when the woman back to us to say that it turned out she was wrong to direct us. Hmmm ... However, the woman was giving us direction, where we must go down  to catch the right train.

Nagoya Airport Station - Kanayama Station - Nagoya central station - Kamiyashiro station 

In fact,we do not need to Kanayama first :)) but the lady was very nice and responsible. When We arrived at Nagoya Station, we were taught how to buy a subway ticket to Kamiyashiro by another woman. Then, along the  subway Nagoya -Kamiyashiro (Owena said that was  as Jakarta-Bogor train that night), we also chatted with a young man (mas-mas, haha) who return to work (it was almost midnight).

We arrived at the last station, namely Kamiyashiro.

It's time to use the power to "ask" again to find her home address. Security guard station helps us understand the course of using a large map on display at the station. He said, could walk only 8 minutes. Let's enjoy the midnight Kamiyashiro.

 Although it was clear on the map, but we remain confused. So, we asked some passers-by. We had to walk more than ten minutes it seems, but still has not met its place. Until finally we see a woman who raised the flags in front of the restaurant. We also approached her and asked. I think The restaurant was about to close.

Okinawa Restaurant

That's the name of a place that feels like an angels warehouse  The lady we met it turned out to not understand English, so she'll get a return of other women in restaurant. The woman still did not understand English, she finally call a man. We again explained where we wanted to go, then the man took his ipad to show on our map. In essence, we must pass through the pedestrian bridge first and then get to. We sighed and looked at each other.

It feels fresh water poured out of heaven, when Tomoji-San (man shows the direction to us, as well as chef and restaurant owner) said, we would be escorted to his car. Haaah? we still do not believe, but it really happened.

Emi-San andTomoji-San in front of Okinawa Restaurant

Still remember the woman who raised the flag? Her name is Ayako-San, is requested by Tomoji-San to take us by car and use navigator its has been setting Tomoji-San to match the address we were headed. We are still speechless. 

Especially when traveling with Ayako, us and he talked to guess what each individual, We can't speak Japanese, and she did not speak English. But, Ayako is a very cheerful person that really make our heart participate expression cheerful.

Yashiroguchi Meito-ku
Yep, we got out of the black car and waving at Ayako. There was no one other than the four of us, in front of our existing large apartment. We squandered a view to find the house in question. Sumiyo Kitano home.

Who is Sumiyo Kitano?
We know her through couchsurfing. By these applications, Sumiyo allow us to stay at his house during the conference. Haaah happy.

Because it was already past midnight, we were confused in front of the house that matches the address that we carry. Until finally, there are neighbors came to us and entered the house Sumiyo to tell us the room where the four of us can rest.

Sumiyo home brings a sense of calm on our already tired. There we also met other couchsurfer  who are staying at home as well, their name is Lora and Nato from France.


After cleaning up, we close today with a quiet sleep. Haaaahh, we met many nice people these days.

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