9Days Diary in Nagoya - Opening Ceremony


Yep, time to go back to the original purpose to Nagoya, to follow IACCP 23rd International Conference.

The opening was held at Nagoya University. Rock On, crowded at all participants. We met many new friends. It's good. Plenty of food, and this is the first time a drink Sake :)) It was like ... hmmm ....

One special story was when me met Prof. Minoru in subway to Kamiyashiro in Higashiyama Line. Hmm, He is a lecture of my lecture (Mas Donny). Haaaah, He is so humble, I came to us, sit beside us and sharing many stories. 

Dari kiri ke kanan -> Anin, Owena, Manda and Margareth from Philipina, Putri, Ananda, Mas Wayan (Universitas Airlangga)

 UI Team plus Soraya (right, student of Kyoto University)

And, we also met Yutaka. She is a friend from couchsurfing (same as Sumiyo). Waaa, that was like dramatic meeting, wkwkwkwkk Yutaka became volunteer in IACCP Congress. And without a plan, we met her. Yuhuuu

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