9Days Diary in Nagoya - Let's make a NET


Ohayo :D

This morning is my first time to use wireless iron in Sumiyo's home. Woow, that was amazing things. I feel Doraemon Era in this home, wkwkw

it is my favorite spot in Sumiyo's home

We went to Kamiyashiro station again to come to WINC AICHI Conference Hall, near Nagoya Station. We met many researchers, lecturer, professor. They are so humble and I like this attitude. I want to be like them. As humble as I can.

We also come to Nagoya City Science Museum. It has amazing building, I think. But, we can't watch the film in planetariun cz the ticket is sold out.

It's okaaay. Keep enjoy :D

We went to Nagoya City Art Museum. Hope, there are something unique there. In front of the museum, we saw NET Project (make a net by colourful yarn). This in project of Art student of Nagoya University. 

We met Ayaka, one of the student. And then She help us to reach Nagoya City Art Museum. 

After enjoy this museum, we decided to back to WINC by foot. We saw many unique shop. One of them is APOA shop. There are green rubbish bin in front of the shop with word "Tempat Sampah". That was like a sign if We must come in. Wowww, so many Balinese things in this shop. The woman in APOA said if the owner is loving Bali. I'm so happy to hear that. Yuhuuuuu

We continue our step to back to WINC Aichi. We also find the rubbish bin until a man in front of Lawson sad "Di dalam ada Mba". We stop our step and surprised, wkwkw. The man is Indonesian with Japanese face, I think. 

After finishing the conference schedule for today, we come to one small restaurant to enjoy our dinner. Yuhuuuu... OISHI (especially for the chicken wing) :D

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