Little Thing Called "Best September"


haaaaah <3

Today is the end of September!
What a wonderful month!

Every day in March till August, I thought about September. About the "die - line", hahaha, about the target, about the trial and error, about the..... to MUCH!



First, wanna  tell you about "The Cat I Kiss"

This sort of assumption that as long as I can not stay long near the cat and suddenly one day I had to sleep with the big cats. Actually, it is not a requirement if I do not make it a necessity. But,  I have to be afraid of cats but I can't constantly afraid of cats.

This September give time to try things "like a cat" it. Fear? Do not ask! Want to go instead? It is certain! Done? Finally, yes! 

September also give the bars so I do not run away. Teach that I have the most basic rung up first, then go up the next ladder. If it still scared at the base of the stairs, how can climb the stairs to the next? 


Second, wanna tell you about "how minutes you spent to make a mousse cake? Vs How minutes you spent to eat the mousse cake?"

Almost a month back and forth bookcase, alternating pages, to answer one question "what you want to write about, Put?" 
It turns out that answer need more than one month, whereas when it already knows what the answer, it turns out the execution until eat the "mousse cake" was not until two days. 
What a wonderful decision making duration! -.- "

But, could not that time to make the mousse cake was reduced slightly but we get same mousse cake delicious? 

Let me think!

Third, wanna tell you about "friend or foe?"

I stand on the argument "nothing a foe!" but there are someone who can't be your friend, but perhaps, they can be good friend to other. Just it!

A good friend will always dance with you although the tornado come.

Fourth, wanna tell you about "surprise box"

Yup! September gave me some surprise boxes for FREE. They came in the morning and afternoon, Oh! also in the evening, to make me calm down after a tornado in my day. 

Finally, the tornado was gone, without broke anything I have :'D 
Are an angel sent you for me?
Thank you every single thing I called surprise box <3

 you're like a jar of nutella!

Nothing the last, but I feel sleepy -_-
I love freedom
I love a hug more~

Thank you for loving me, September


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