small hint


If He Asked about me

 just say I'm still here .. 
when sunrise this morning, I'm still here ... 
imagine a series of words yesterday .. 

take it easy 
I can still hear the bells of the church 
I also still hear the thump of twilight 
chant in the temple 
what else would you ask? 

keep calm 
exhausting just pays off 
just questions unanswered

never mind ... 
you know we are here temporarily 
I also know everything will be taken there 
including the unspoken answer at nightfall 

formerly ... 
I'm afraid conclude 
fear of depressing 
but ... 
finally avenged .. 
God heard my prayer dear 
has been answered also

little guidance when needed later 
when he asked me where 
widen your hands 
put it in your chest, 
close your eyes ... 
you must flapping wings without the glare of white paint 
Then, You will see me again ...

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I'm so glad to receive your words :)


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